Our Work


Deyari methodology has been based   on a variety of solutions for its clients in all types of contracting  and projects, whether for Design-build. value engineering, and early contractor involvement in financial planning and execution. We are experts in the field of construction and contracting , concrete, steel works, wood structures, earthquake-resistant structures, geotechnics, thermal techniques, acoustical techniques, and eco-friendlydesign.

We are on the leading edge  of innovation with respect to tools and methods, as evident by our BIM approach. By leveraging Deyari  internal synergies, we provide a full range of  services.

• Skyscrapers.

• Residential Building, Villas, Apartments, and Compounds.

• Office Building.

• Hotels.

• Restoration Of Ancient Buildings.

• Shopping Centres & Living Environments.

• Hospitals.

• Facility Management.


Deyari has developed a price analysis system by professional engineers who develop construction proposals in a clear and detailed manner,  taking into account the project objective to become more efficient,sustainable and cost-effective. In parallel, Deyari planning team is conducting project planning studies and clarifying strategies ,timelines ,design and constructioncosts accurately. Deyari has been able to find great solutions to the difficulties and  obstacles in the projects.  All the studies are based on previous local and international experiences. Deyari team worked in different unique projects in harsh climatic conditions,uninhabited sites with difficult access to resources, tight deadlines with technical challenges that require major innovations. Deyari was able to understand and solve all the difficulties and situations through its professional management of projects.


Deyari  has developed its efficiency and planning in the field of civil works and  heavy and light equipment to create a system with a methodology to improve the implementation of design in the construction and project Execution.

• Critical subjects in projects : Our extensive experience in study and execution allows us to recognize  all subjects that  may be neglected, especialy things that intersect  with  different disciplines  in projects. our role is to ensure that they are takeninto consideration in all aspects  of the  projects to ensure the proper functioning and quality in the execution.

• Winning design-build formula : Our extensive experience in analysis,  planning and early processing of projects gives us an added advantage in the project lifecycle that helpes us ensure the best performance in projects excution in time and budget. 


We have always committed ourselves, differentiate to support our clients achieving their goals. Deyari has developed strict base rules to ensure and enhance the quality of  its business through the development of a set of policies and procedures that ensure the management, engineering and operational performance to meet the highest performance standards. To measure its impact and the extent to which it achieves its objectives. and we also have worked to develop internal financial, administrative and engineering systems and policies, build an integrated quality management system, and obtain ISO certification for the quality management system 9001 : 2015    


Safety first is our motto and guiding principle which we always hope to maintain and abide by its rules in all our projects, which are our top priorities. We must respect the lives of our human resources and their safe spaces in addition to applying laws, regulations and requirements and using all means to maintain health and ensure the safety of our staff, partners and client. Obtaining the ISO 45001 : 2018 certification for occupational health and safety. Safety is the source of our confidence and the foundation of our quality of work.


Maintenance And Technical Support Deyari provides all periodic and emergency maintenance as well as  technical services that meet the requirements of buildings and facilities in a specialized manner, including:

Regular Maintenance Work

•    Periodic visits to buildings and facilities to identify their needs and ensure their readiness.

•    Providing the necessary consultations to improve the infrastructure of buildings and facilities so to improve the  efficiency of their operation.

•    Submit reports on periodic visits summarizing maintenance work and necessary improvement proposals. Emergency Maintenance

•    All repairs for emergency and urgent breakdowns according to the request of the Buildings and  Facilities Administrations

•     Submit a monthly report on the works and maintenance  carried out in buildings and facilities during the month.

Cleaning Services

To maintain a healthy and comfortable environment in buildings and facilities and to provide optimal services , Deyari has established a subsidiary section that provides cleaning services, which includes daily, periodic and emergency cleaning services that meet the requirements of buildings and  facilities in a professional , Organized and specialized manner according to a work program.